Ludo King Mod APK Latest version v5.8.0.175 unlimited Money 2021

Ludo King Mod Apk Themes.

  • Ludo King Mod Apk has a nature theme
  • An Egypt Theme
  • A Disco / Night mode Theme
  • Includes a Pinball Theme
  • Features a Candy Theme
  • Displays a Christmas Theme

The board game of the good old past has come back with an app:

Who amongst us has not enjoyed good old family times while playing Ludo the board game, while rolling the dice to test your destiny hoping for a six and a great win? Well then we have a treat for you. Ludo King the best mod apk version of the old board game has now launched its own apps for playing ‘Ludo’.  It’s always been fun playing board games with friends and family in the past.  Now with this new app, it’s become easy and more convenient to play this fun game on-the-go on your mobile phones. In case you need to try out something different the Ludo King Mod APK for Android app also includes a version of Snakes & Ladders. With a simple and clean interface and great fun features, this is highly engaging and the most interactive gaming app ever. This is the one game that is responsible for connecting people from across the world. Ludo King Mod Apk download from

Simple interface, Easy and fun-to-play, and plenty of innovative features!

Treasure the good old days of board games rolling the dice on line. With Ludo King, the classic iconic game has made a great comeback. Make the move; roll the dice to earn tons of rewards while defeating your family and friends. Every couple of days the app organizes a ‘League’ of its own to give you a chance to earn coins, gems, and several other rewards.

Clean and simple interface

Among the most popular board game apps like the Words with Friends and the Mini Metro, Ludo King apk mod has the cleanest and simplest interface. There is lot of hacked apk file like ludo king dice hack apk or Ludo King hack Apk files or ludo king hack versions available on market. But Once you start to play this original apk game. You will love this game. you only have to roll the dice on your turn. Tap on the token that you want to move, and execute your strategy to dodge the other player(s) to reach your ‘home’. Whoever manages to take all of his the 4 tokens to his ‘home’ first wins the Ludo Mod apk  game!

Once you arrive at the ‘Home Screen’, of the game you will find that there’s an option for you to switch between the two greats Ludo and Snakes & Ladders.  For both, the gameplay is automatic yet very simple. All you have to do is to roll the dice and move you’re token. Your computer automatically moves the token if you don’t have more than one move.

Multiple modes of game play

Unlike the old board game, Ludo King app download lets you enjoy your game by letting you play with people who are playing the game across the world.  The integration of Ludo king apk app with Facebook allows you to invite your friends to download the game app. As the Android game is developed on an auto-move system, there no cheat codes available to advance in Ludo King.

The ‘Vs Computer’ game mode, allows you to opt for a two or four-player game against your opponent the computer. Since it’s also available on an offline mode, you can also play it very conveniently on your Android or iOS devices without any internet connection. While the computer can match your playing style, it doesn’t ever ‘cheat’you.

Local Multiplayer:

There’s also a ‘Local Multiplayer’ mode available, which makes it easy for you to play against two or four friends through a single smartphone devices. However, you’ll need to hand you’re device from one person to another after you have done with your turn.

The ‘Online Multiplayer’:

Among the devoted fans of the game the ‘Online Multiplayer’ mode is the most popular and enjoyed format of the game. It lets you connect with an online server, while allowing you to play with strangers that are from different parts of the world.  The game is played in real time through this mode.

Play with Friends:

Last but not the least, the ‘Play with Friends’ mode  gives you the power to create a ‘Private Room’,  of your own where you can play with up to four people and enjoy the game.  all you need to do is to send an invitation either through your  Facebook or WhatsApp, to let your friend(s) join the ‘room’.

Plenty of great features to keep you entertained and engaged:

Ludo King brings to your iOs and android devices a wide range of features, making the app more engaging and a lot more fun. It allows you to chat with  your friends, challenges people from aross the world, and you can add up to six players to get on-the once board game. Snakes and ladders is one of the major reasons for the game’s enormous success. Ever since game’s release, Ludo apk  mod app game has been downloaded more than a 100 million times. Due to its highly addictive and nostalgic gaming experience, the game’s user base is continuously growing more.

King Features of Ludo King apk mod

  • Now you can play with your family and friends online
  • You can play 2 to 6 Players Local Multiplayer Mode
  • Now you can play with unknown people to make them your new friends
  • The game includes private chat option also.
  • You can send emojis to your friends during the game to express your mode.
  • Play all the Snake and Ladders on a variety of 7 different game board variations.
  • It has some amazing graphics that compel you to play again and again
  • Challenge and invite your friends online in private game room and beat them to become ludo star


Snakes & Ladders

While only the Ludo download could have been just enough to keep all the players engaged, the app also includes a version of the super board game Snakes & Ladders as u open the ‘Home Screen ‘at the very outset. Same as the traditional board game, the app edition of Snakes and ladders also requires you to move your token from 1 to 100. On the way to reaching your destiny of a 100 score, you can either advance using a ladder, but you must jump over the snakes that are in constant search for you to push you lower on your board game. In other words, while the ladders of the game act as shortcuts, the snakes are a way for you to keep you playing the game.

Snakes & Ladders is free for you to play just as the Ludo King is. However if you like you are free to purchase a few extra dice rolls of the game to advance further quickly. In-app purchases are very common in gaming apps, and this one is no exception. While purchases may help you win the ‘League’ during the Ludo King or advance further more quickly while playing Snakes & Ladders, they can be cost a lot.

Another problem that you’ll encounter during the game is the heating issue. If you play the game for too long, your device might heat up, making it a bit difficult to continue playing.  Like with any other gaming apps, it’s better to play Ludo King for a few minutes before giving your devices some rest.

If you have ever been a fan of this board game, Ludo King apk mod app for Android is the right game for you. With a smooth and clean interface and plenty of fun features, the game doesn’t disappoint you a bit. Moreover, it also allows you to connect with a lot of different people from other countries. You can chit chat, play, and engage with a wider user base on two different games within only a single app.

A great app to cater to your boredom!

Ludo King is one of the simplest board game apps ever made for your android devices. It has brought enough strategic moves for you with great fun and adventurous features to keep you playing for as long as you like. It is one of the most addictive games ever, Ludo King is undoubtedly a great and worthwhile trip down the memory lane. Whether you’re waiting for an important appointment or taking a time out or break from work, this Ludo game is one of the easiest ways to fend off your boredom.

What’s New in the game:

  • It includes all new awesome LIVE THEMES
  • The game has a real chat feature allowing you to chat with your friends and buddies
  • You can make buddies worldwide
  • Now you can also challenge facebook friends/buddies
  • The ludo apk lets you save/Load Ludo game option
  • Ludo King has player statistics with XP and a level up system
  • It is now more user-friendly UI
  • New and support extended to low-end devices

Mod Features

  • Get Ludo King Unlimited coins
  • Apply cheats game.
  • Silent Cheating.
  • All bugs fix.
  • Daily Bonus.
  • Cheats sixer.
  • Ads free.
  • Online Multiplayer Mood.

Simple steps to download Ludo King:

  • Download Ludo King by following these simple steps given below to install 100% working apk
  • Simply click on the download option given below
  • Your download will begin soon
  • The download process will take a few minutes.
  • Once your download is done
  • Then click on the install option that will appear
  • Please enable the unknown resources from your android’s settings
  • Next please click on the install option
  • Congratulations you have now successfully installed the Ludo King apk mod

PROS of the game

  • It has a clean and simple interface
  • There is an instant chat available
  • Also Includes Snakes & Ladders
  • The game is also available in multiple game modes

CONS of the game

  • Playing the game nonstop heats up your device



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