InShot PRO APK 2021. The Always Best Editing Software For You.

Description of Inshot Pro 2020-2021

Inshot Pro :- Today is the time of social media and a lot of new generation people are coming on social media . We all want to post amazing videos and photos on facebook, instagram and any other social platform. So if you want to edit your videos and photos professionally. Create impressive and attractive videos and photos. Introducing the Inshot Pro APK for Android 2021.


Inshot Pro is one of the best video editing application out there in the market for photo and video editing. You do not need a professional camera or expensive equipment in order to make high quality professional videos for your business. Its is fairly simple and easy to use, you do not need extensive knowledge or skills to make a professional video. It has features built in which makes it quite easy enough for anyone to do the changes.

It has many advanced features like cropping, editing, using music, applying filters, using the fast and slow-motion mode, and many more additional features in your video. You are living in the era of social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Using Inshot Pro  you will always have content to upload on social media networks that look pretty and professional. After using Inshot pro . The end result is quite extraordinary with the help of the editing tools available within the application. You will be shocked after editing, thinking about using rubbish photos or videos for uploading before.

Multiple Features

Features – Inshot Pro 2021: The main reason for using InShot Pro is video editing features like trimming, cropping, multiple options of font and text, combining videos,  adding music, video speed control, easy to share opportunities, converting the format of your videos, adding special effects, using animations, using stickers, etc.

Trimming & Cropping: The most essential feature that Inshot Pro allows us is to crop video from which you can remove stuff you don’t need. It is the most useful feature to trim short videos. Using InShot Pro provides you with the features to cut your video into many parts and crop them separately, which means you get detailed features to crop and edit videos.

Fonts & Texts: The best coolest feature provided by InShot Pro is that you can add text to your photos and videos. You can choose from hundreds of unique texts available in InShot Pro, from which you can choose their colours, fonts, size, etc. You can add multiple transitions & animations to your text, making it look professional. InShot Pro provides you with the feature to adjust colours, timing, brightness, etc of your text.

Combining Videos: Do not want to edit something for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram using a Laptop or PC, you can easily edit your pictures and videos using the InShot Pro. InShot Pro  has made it easy to merge videos as it has never been such easy. It helps you create content to upload on your social media networks to get more responses and followers.

Inshot Pro APK Adding Music: There are tons of songs available for you to add to your videos. Using this feature, you can change dull videos with rubbish sound into an entertaining video with a beautiful and peaceful soundtrack. From tons of songs, you just have to search, and it will provide the results you want for your video.

Video Speed Control: InShot Pro provides you with the feature to adjust your video’s speed. which means you can control the speed and adjust it to make your video faster or convert it into a slow-motion video. If you prefer a slow-motion video to a normal video. InShot Pro is fit for you and also. If you want to make your video faster, it is your best choice. You can add multiple animations and transition effects in a slow-motion and a faster mode of your video and make it more attractive.

Easy to share options: InShot Pro allows you to share your edited videos directly on your social media accounts. It has never been so easy to share your content on the worldwide web in a couple of seconds.

Converting videos format: InShot Pro provides you with the option to change your video file into an MP4 form with a click of a single button. It will not change your video quality; instead, it will be easy to share videos on multiple platforms.

Adding Special Effects: For making your videos look better, you can also add special effects and filters. It will not make your video look like a Hollywood CGI edits. Still, it will make your videos look professional and artistic, and that more than enough for a person who wants to share videos on social media networks.

Animations:Creating an animation on PC software is very hard. But InShot Pro provides you the features to add animations to your videos without using any of the PC software. It gives you the feature to add smooth and attractive animations in your videos using InShot Pro and InShot Pro android. You can add animations in InShot Pro without having experience in video editing. It provides you multiple types of animations effect in your video like zoom-in, zoom-out, fades animations, etc. And even many more options of animation effects to select from.

Stickers:InShot Pro is providing you with hundreds of stickers that you can use in your videos. For making your video look cooler. It also provides you with the feature of animating stickers in your videos and apply visual effects in the sticker. There are a lot more features InShot Pro is providing you with.

Premium Features – InShot Pro 2021

  • Inshot Videos doesn’t contain watermarks.
  • Provides video editing tools like trim, merge, split, speed controls, animations, etc.
  • AD-FREE Inshot Pro
  • Provides premium animations features
  • Unlocked video effects and filters
  • Provides smooth animations and transitions
  • Add photos, music, images, text to your videos
  • Unique text fonts to add text in your video
  • Gives video speed control feature
  • Help to make slow-motion videos
  • All Premium Features are Unlocked

What’s New in InShot Pro 2021

InShot Version : 1.691.1306

  • Timeline Trim & Zoom
  • Trim clips under one second
  • Custom GIF stickers
  • Support volume up to 200%
  • New Album -『Silicon Estate』
  • premium features has been increased.
  • Fixes your bugs and performance is improved.
  • Supports sound volume till 200%


  • InShot Pro doesn’t have any limits on using the effects, filters, stickers, or transitions
  • Providing an ad-free environment


  • The free version of InShot Pro includes ads and watermarks. But using our Inshot Pro premium doest limit you with this problem
  • Trimming the video at times can be difficult but once you get used to it, it’s a piece of cake.

How to download InShot Pro

Steps to download InShot Pro

  • Download the latest version of Inshot Pro  from the given link []
  • After downloading the file, click and open it
  • If it asks to enable “unknown sources,” then go to setting > security > unknown sources
  • After then, turn on “unknown sources.”
  • Now click on the “Install” button
  • Wait till the installation is done
  • Finally, Your Inshot pro apk is successfully installed
  • Open it & Enjoy all the Premium features.



  • How to download the latest version of InShot Pro?

ANS: Download Inshot Pro APK v1.654.1287 [Latest Version] from this given website []. Bookmark this website to get further Premium updates of Inshot Pro

  • How to remove watermarks from InShot Pro?

ANS: Watermarks have been removed from the latest version of InShot Pro .

  • How to remove ads from InShot Pro?

ANS: Ads have been removed from the latest version of InShot Pro .

  • How to unlock premium filters & stickers?

ANS: All the premium features are unlocked in this Inshot Pro, you just have to download the app from here (, and you will get all the Pro features unlocked in Inshot Pro.

Last Words about InShot Pro 2020:

InShot Pro MOD APK is the best and number 1 video editing application. It provides features like inserting texts, adding animations, visual effects, colors, controlling video speed, and much more. You can even alter recordings in 4K. These high-quality features make Inshot Pro  android the no. 1 video modifying application on Play Store. The most shocking part is that it provides Photo and video editing features in just one software.





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